roundabout02Two dangerous traffic blackspots will be made safer in downtown Yeppoon after local MP Michelle Landry helped to secure over $1 million to fix them.

The Federal Member for Capricornia said she had been lobbying hard behind the scenes to ensure the Capricorn Coast region got its share of support from Canberra.

“This week we have provided over $1 million to the Livingstone Shire under the Federal Government’s Road Blackspots Programme. This will help to reduce accidents and potentially save lives in Yeppoon,” Ms Landry said.

The two projects include:

• $550,000 to install a roundabout on Queen Street and Mary Street in Yeppoon
• $500,000 to install traffic lights at Vaughan Street and Appleton Drive in Yeppoon.

Ms Landry today announced the funding at the Queen Street site with Mayor Bill Ludwig.

“The Federal Government is lending a hand to the local council so it could get on with work to make the improvements,” she said.

“We’ve done an evaluation of the blackspot programme and found that crashes and deaths are reduced by 30% where blackspots have been fixed up.

“These projects return almost $7.00 for every $1 that we invest, simply by reducing the number of crashes and the related costs of traffic accidents,” Ms Landry said.

The MP is a proud resident of the Capricorn Coast in Livingstone Shire.

More money for Livingstone:

Meanwhile, the Livingstone Shire continues to benefit from extra money provided by the Australian Government in other areas.

Ms Landry today announced that the Federal Government was also providing Livingstone with a third quarter payment of just under $1 million from the Financial Assistance Grant Programme.

By the end of the 2014-2015 financial year, Livingstone will have received more than $3.78 million in installments from the Federal programme to further help the Capricorn Coast.

“This is an unrestricted grant and the council is free to spend this money on priorities where it sees fit, including infrastructure, health, recreation, environment, employment and roads projects,” Ms Landry said.