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Advanced Manufacturing Drives Australia’s Future

The House Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Resources has launched an inquiry into advanced manufacturing to seek solutions to support the Australian manufacturing industry, create jobs and revive manufacturing in Australia.

Federal Member for Capricornia and Committee Vice Chair, Michelle Landry, stated that advancing Australia’s manufacturing capabilities is critical for economic growth.

Advanced manufacturing is any manufacturing process which utilises high-technology or knowledge-intensive input as the integral way a product is constructed.

This includes the following manufacturing sectors: chemical and medicinal, vehicle and transport, specialised machinery and equipment, computer and electronic, scientific and professional.

“We are dedicated to supporting the growth of advanced manufacturing and ensuring that new manufacturing processes are taken advantage of.

“New technologies are emerging every day and the strategic decisions that we make to support these technologies must be supported by strong and reliable data.

“The Committee is calling on stakeholders from across the manufacturing sector, tertiary educators and government to make a submission to the Inquiry into Developing Advanced Manufacturing in Australia.

“We want to know how we can make this industry better and ensure that we are Australia continues to make world class products,” Ms Landry said.

The electorate of Capricornia is one of Australia’s manufacturing hubs, situated in the heart of Queensland’s mining and resources area.

Ms Landry said that she encourages manufacturing businesses across the electorate to make a submission with their ideas for the sector.

“Capricornia is teaming with wonderful manufacturing businesses who have boosted our region with jobs and helped keep our economy strong.

“Many of these businesses are at the forefront of new technology and I encourage every business to make a contribution to the Inquiry,” Ms Landry said.

Submissions for the Inquiry into Developing Advanced Manufacturing in Australia are now open until 30 March 2023.

More information about the Inquiry into Developing Advanced Manufacturing in Australia can be found at aph.gov.au/isr.

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