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Barbeques To Be More Expensive Under Labor with Methane Pledge

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry is warning families in Central Queensland the cost of meat will inevitably rise and become unaffordable for many, as the Labor Government pledges to reduce methane emissions by 30 per cent over the decade.

There are reports an announcement to commit to the global methane pledge is imminent, with Labor set to attend next month’s UN COP27 climate change conference.

Ms Landry said revelations Australia is set to sign up to US President Joe Biden’s global pledge to reduce methane were deeply concerning for families in Capricornia.

“Families are already getting slugged with high petrol prices, high electricity prices and high food prices,” Ms Landry said.

“Now even the Aussie BBQ is under threat. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is more than happy for the backyard BBQ to fall by the wayside.

“We know Australians love their sausages, steaks, rissoles and lamb chops – all of that will become out of reach for many. We do not want to see the Aussie BBQ available to only the rich.

“I urge Labor to reject this methane madness idea and embrace the Aussie BBQ spirit instead of being intent on destroying it.”

Ms Landry said Labor couldn’t be trusted to spare farmers any legislated measures similar to New Zealand, which confirmed plans to tax agriculture long-lived gases and biogenic methane that mainly comes from cows. Ms Landry added decreasing methane gases meant decreasing herd numbers and the lower supply would impact families at the check-out.

“Less available meat, as Labor tries to lower methane, will cost Central Queenslanders.

“This is another blow to families who are really struggling right now. We will not support a methane pledge, which is just an attack on our farms and ultimately Australian families.

“I urge Labor to reconsider this terrible idea and start helping Australian families, rather than hurting them even more.”

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