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Beef Corridor Roads Debate Sizzles in Parliament

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, has led the charge today in a debate surrounding Labor’s $400 million delay in Beef Corridor Roads funding.

The Member for Capricornia submitted a Private Members’ Business motion condemning the Labor Government for their reckless decision to delay funding for the critical upgrades to the 457 kilometres of roads.

Ms Landry said Central Queenslanders have been getting a raw deal with funding since Labor came to government, with Labor’s delivery of infrastructure projects being chaotic.

“The beef industry within the Beef Corridor Road network pumps an astounding $2.7 billion into the Queensland economy each and every year.

“This network of roads serves as a crucial supply chain for agriculture businesses and facilitates the seamless movement of premium beef products throughout every stage of the production cycle.

“The former Coalition Government acknowledged their economic contribution and the detrimental impact of poor roads on their business operations and driving safety. That is why we secured $400 million for this vital roadwork to begin,” Ms Landry said.

During questioning from Senator Matthew Canavan at Senate Estimates earlier this year, it was revealed the $400 million had been pushed out from the 2025-26 financial year to 2027-28.

“Unfortunately, true to Labor form, this funding has been pushed out. Money has been ripped from the very region who creates this wealth. This decision by the Labor government underscores their clear disregard not only for the agricultural sector but also for all residents and workers in regional and rural Central Queensland.

“Today, I am standing up for the 2,300 farmers, the miners and locals who live and work in the region and calling out the Albanese Government’s failure to the agriculture sector in Central Queensland.

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