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The Federal Coalition Government will invest an additional $1 billion in protecting the Great Barrier Reef, while supporting 64,000 Queenslanders and their jobs which drive the Reef economy.

New funding will back world leading marine science, the deployment of new climate adaptation technology, major investments in water quality programs, and state of the art on-water management practices to reduce threats from Crown of Thorns Starfish, protect key species and prevent illegal fishing.

Minister for the Environment Sussan Ley said the new investment would extend the Federal Government’s investment under the Reef 2050 Plan to more than $3 billion.

“We are backing the health of the reef and the economic future of tourism operators, hospitality providers and Queensland communities that are at the heart of the reef economy,” Minister Ley said.

“This is already the best managed reef in the world and today we take our commitment to a new level.

“From breakthrough science in coral seeding and restoration, to improved water quality, the latest on water management and compliance systems, as well as the protection of native species, we are working across every aspect of the reef.”

The additional $1 billion package over the next nine years includes:

  • $579.9 million for water quality – working constructively with land managers to remediate erosion, improve land condition and reduce nutrient and pesticide runoff
  • $252.9 million for reef management and conservation – additional support for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to reduce threats from Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS), implement advanced health monitoring systems and the prevent illegal fishing
  • $92.7 million to research and deploy world leading reef resilience science and adaptation strategies
  • $74.4 million for Traditional Owner and community-led projects including species protection, habitat restoration, citizen science programs and marine debris.

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the Great Barrier Reef is a global icon and a key part of Australia’s identity.

“Our tourism operators, local communities and Traditional Owners are invested in the health of the Reef and this funding supports their commitment and the future of the world’s greatest natural wonder,” Ms Landry said.

“We are also supporting our farmers, tourism operators, and fishers through practical water and land based strategies that will contribute significantly to the health of the Reef.”

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