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Budget 2021 Guarantees Essential Services in Post Covid Capricornia

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has reiterated that the Morrison Government has kept Central Queensland safe and secure in this Covid-19 world.

Ms Landry said “I am proud of the way the Morrison Government has made sure that everyone is safe and secure during what has been an unprecedented time in history. Around 9,779 individuals in Capricornia have received the Coronavirus Supplement, which was added to Jobseeker to provide additional support through this crisis.

I am also happy to say that around 15,035 age Pensioners and 3,685 carers in Capricornia received three support payments since the start of the pandemic totalling $1250.”

As far as health spending is concerned the Morrison Government will provide additional investment in respiratory clinics, pathology testing and tracing, as well as the hugely successful Telehealth services.

Ms Landry said “This has been a highly successful scheme. In Capricornia there have been 228,454 Telehealth consultations through Medicare since the start of the pandemic and these services are now being extended.

The Morrison Government is also committed to funding every medicine on the PBS recommended by the medical experts. This puts lifesaving treatments within reach of every Australian.

“In this Budget we are listing more medicines to treat breast cancer, lung cancer, osteoporosis, migraine, eczema and asthma. In the last year there been 1000’s of free or subsidised medicines delivered in Capricornia through the PBS” Ms Landry said.

This Budget also delivers a record investment in Aged care to help the 21,439 senior Australians living in Capricornia.

This investment will deliver more home care places, more funding for residential aged care and increases the amount of time residents are cared for whilst strengthening regulators to monitor and enforce the standards of care. This should give families peace of mind.

“Hospitals, schools, Aged care, Medicare, Mental health, and disability support services in Capricornia will always be guaranteed under the Morrison Government” Ms Landry said.

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