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Budget boost to support Australian Women and Girls

The Federal Coalition Government has announced an extensive $2.1 billion budget package of targeted measures to further support Australian women and girls, as part of our plan for a stronger future.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, said this package includes funding for new initiatives, and to continue existing programs across the government’s key priority areas of women’s safety, economic security, and health.

“This year’s investment brings total funding across our two Women’s Budget Statements to $5.5 billion, and is a further demonstration of the Federal Coalition Government’s long-term commitment to improving outcomes for women,”

Ms Landry said.

Importantly, the 2022-23 Budget includes $1.3 billion of additional funding for women’s safety initiatives to help prevent, intervene, and respond to family, domestic and sexual violence. This package will also help survivors to recover and build a life free from violence.

Ms Landry said this brings the Government’s investment in women’s safety initiatives to $2.5 billion, which will support the next National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032.

“The National Plan is the blueprint for the Government’s commitment to end violence against women and children. Our commitment spans the lifecycle of violence because we know that prevention, early intervention, response and recovery are all key to ending gender-based violence,” Ms Landry said.

“This budget includes $222.6 million in prevention initiatives, $328.2 million for frontline early intervention services, $480.1 million for response measures, and $290.9 million to support women and children recover from violence.”

Employment is critical to economic security and under the Federal Coalition Government, female workforce participation is at a record high, female unemployment is at its lowest level since 1974, and the gender pay gap continues to narrow.

To further improve on this, the Federal Coalition Government is investing $482 million to enhance women’s economic security, which will be focused on maximising flexibility and choice for Australian women and families. This will support them into more diverse industries, jobs of the future, and leadership positions.

Ms Landry said that substantial enhancements to Paid Parental Leave announced in the budget would provide a boost to working families.

“To further remove barriers to women’s workforce participation and provide Australian families with choice and flexibility to manage work and care, our Government is investing an additional $346.1 million to improve Paid Parental Leave,” Ms Landry said.

“Under these changes, eligible working parents will be able to share up to 20 weeks of fully flexible leave to use in ways that suit their specific circumstances. Importantly, single parents will now be able to access the full 20 weeks of leave.”

Strengthening the health of Australian women and girls is crucial to their overall wellbeing and ability to fully participate in society. Women have experienced significant health gains in recent years, and through this budget the Federal Coalition Government is continuing to provide further targeted funding for women’s health measures.

“I’m proud that our government is committing $330.6 million over four years to improve the maternal, sexual and reproductive health of Australian women and girls – which will support the National Women’s Health Strategy 2020-30,” Ms Landry said.

It was also announced in the federal budget that Trodelvy, a drug used to treat a rare form of breast cancer, will be listed on the PBS – saving patients up to $80,000 per treatment.

Ms Landry welcomed this measure and said that it would provide hope to many women across Australia. 

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