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Capricornia’s Critical Infrastructure in Limbo as Labor’s Growing Regions Program Overlooks Region

Critical infrastructure investment for Capricornia has been left in limbo following revelations that Labor’s Growing Regions program will not spend one cent in the region.

Since coming to government two years ago, Labor has scrapped more than $10 billion worth of regional funding programs which have included the extremely popular Building Better Regions Fund and Community Development Grants.

“Despite the enormous benefits, this government has chosen to scrap more than $10 billion worth of regional programs.

“Unfortunately, Labor’s vendetta for the regions has seen regional funding programs be abolished. It’s clear that creating strong and resilient regions is not a priority for the Labor Government.

“It is unacceptable that this Budget did not include any new programs to support regional economic development,” Ms Landry said.

Despite Labor’s claim that $1 billion would be available to strengthen regional communities starting on July 1, 2023, no funds will be distributed this year under either the Growing Regions or Regional Precincts and Partnerships Program.

“Not one grant application for the Growing Regions Program in Capricornia was approved. This means, less jobs for locals and less infrastructure investment for our region.

“Our region has greatly benefited from the funding programs designed for regional and rural Australia. Projects like Multicap’s new housing and purpose-built Fitzroy Community Hospice delivering enormous benefits our region.

“Two years ago, my constituents were promised by Labor they would be better off – no one held back, and no one left behind. This is certainly not the case.

“I am committed to ensuring the electorate I call home isn’t forgotten. Our region possesses tremendous potential, which is why I will continue to fight to restore infrastructure investment to Capricornia.”

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