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Carborough Downs Mine Extension Brings Renewed Confidence into Mining Sector

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has welcomed the announcement of the extension of the Carborough Downs mine, which is owned and operated by Fitzroy Australia, in Central Queensland.

Ms Landry’s comments come after the Queensland Government approved the extension of the Carborough Mine for another 11 years.

“The Carborough Mine employs 700 workers from the Capricornia community and this extension provides future stability not only for the jobs within the mine, but also has a flow on benefit that supports the entire region.

“A large number of employees are drive in drive out workers in Capricornia and it gives me confidence to know that their job is secure, and they don’t need to travel to mining jobs outside of their local communities.” Ms Landry said.

With the State Government’s recent coal royalties increase which has threatened to see mining jobs cut and future mining projects from BHP and Whitehaven on hold, the extension of Carborough Downs mine brings confidence to the Capricornia region.

“The resources industry is integral in the economic contribution to Capricornia, it supported 48,834 jobs, and paid out $1.3 billion in wages in Capricornia alone in the 2020 – 21 financial years.

“Central Queensland has the highest quality coal in the world and mining supports not only the employees and their families but the entire infrastructure of local communities. We cannot afford to see the future of mining threatened by the increase of coal royalties imposed by the Queensland Labor Government.

“What we need is more announcements of mining projects going ahead which provide employment and opportunity to our region,” Ms Landry said.

Mining contributed a total of $9.8 billion in gross regional product, supported 48,834 local jobs and paid $2.5 billion in royalties in the 2020-2021 financial year. The royalties went toward funding in the sectors of education, roads, health and law and order across Capricornia.

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