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Minister for Resources and Water, Keith Pitt, says only the Coalition can save Central Queenslanders from the threat of a job-destroying Labor-Green alliance being let loose on the region’s resources industry.

Minister Pitt said the weekend launch of the Greens policy platform confirmed the worst for our resources sector.

“Adam Bandt is now openly promoting his party’s list of demands when he holds the balance of power in a future Labor-Green Government, which is the likely outcome of voting Labor, Green or independent,” Minister Pitt said.

“At the top of the Greens’ list is a plan to kill off coal and gas projects that support local jobs and economic growth through the region. This is on top of the Greens commitment to a job-killing Carbon Tax.

“We know that when it comes to the crunch, each-way Albo won’t hesitate to form an alliance with the Greens if it gives him the keys to the Lodge.” Minister Pitt said.

“Coal and gas are the current star performers of Australia’s resources and energy exports, forecast to contribute almost $90 billion this financial year, underpinning our national economic strength. But Labor and the Greens refuse to acknowledge the industry’s importance.””

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the industry’s future is too important to the region to risk in the hands of a Labor-Green alliance.

“Mining and gas projects directly or indirectly support over 100,000 jobs across central Queensland and the Coalition Government is supporting more local projects to open up even more opportunities,” Ms Landry said.

“We can’t risk the enormous potential of our region in the resources sector by allowing a Labor-Greens alliance beholden to Adam Bandt.

“We know there are influential potential future Ministers in the Labor party that hold and promote the same far-left views as the Greens and it would be a disaster for our region.

“The men and women of our mining and resources industry have made an amazing contribution to keep our economy growing through the COVID pandemic and we owe it to them to stop Labor and the Green from throwing them on the jobs scrapheap,” Ms Landry said.

“This election is about ensuring our kids and future generations get the same opportunities for jobs and careers in this important industry.”


The Greens Policy Platform says, “Immediately ban the construction of new coal, oil and gas infrastructure, ensuring we can transition our economy to zero carbon energy while maintaining a safe climate.”

The ALP Policy Platform says nothing about protecting CQ coal mining jobs.

Richard Marles, the Deputy Labor Leader said “the global market for thermal coal has collapsed and wonderful, that’s a good thing.” (Sky News 2019).

Mark Butler, Labor Shadow Minister – “20 years into the 21st century, we know that coal and gas won’t underpin continued prosperity.” (Speech to Carbon Market Institute 2020).

That sounds a lot like what Adam Bandt, Leader of the Australian Greens Party who says, “Phase out the mining, burning and export of thermal coal by 2030 to ensure we do our bit.”

In the Sydney Morning Herald dated May 1, 2019, the Labor candidate for Capricornia featured in an article titled ‘We have to talk to everyone’: Labor candidate open to climate deal with Greens.

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