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Labor’s Emissions Policy Hurts Central Queensland

On Friday, Anthony Albanese announced that Labor will be taking a 43% emissions reduction target by 2030 to the next federal election.

The policy states a future Labor government will legislate to force the nation’s 215 largest industrial facilities to reduce their emissions by 5 million tonnes each year to zero by 2050.

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said Labor’s new sneaky carbon tax will have a disastrous effect on both the Capricornia and Flynn electorates.

“Of the 215 largest industrial facilities, 30 are operating in Capricornia and 19 in Flynn.” Ms Landry said.

“Labor’s modelling shows they will force these businesses to purchase 40 million tonnes or $1.66 billion of offsets by 2030 based on current Australian Carbon Credit Unit prices.

“That’s $1.66 billion in costs that will make these businesses less competitive, forcing jobs and industries offshore.

“Modelling for the Government’s Plan found that forcing net zero by 2050 through a mandated approach would require a carbon tax of between $80 and $400 per tonne, and the conversion of up to 10 per cent of productive agricultural land into vegetation to store carbon.

“Ultimately, Labor’s emission policy is a carbon tax on regional Australia that will force job losses.”

Ms Landry said the Labor policy is near identical to what Bill Shorten took to the 2019 federal election and has grave concerns of what a potential Labor-Greens Government will mean for regional Australia.

“Labor is unlikely to govern without the support of the Greens which means a vote for Labor is a vote for the Greens. This is absolutely terrifying for our region as the Greens have announced their plan to reduce emissions by 75%, by 2030.

“In 2019, I proudly stood with our mining communities to oppose Labor’s plan to reduce emissions by 2030, by 45 per cent. The 45 per cent plan was rejected as that would have put terrible costs to our mining communities.

“Once again, I will be standing with our mining communities to oppose the Labor-Green Party agenda.

“You cannot trust Labor with your job.”

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