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Landry Backs Coalition Energy Plan

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, announces her support of the Coalition’s nuclear energy plan to provide every Australian with affordable and reliable electricity.

Ms Landry said Labor’s expensive ‘renewables only’ plan is failing, with the only thing this policy is delivering is higher energy prices and unreliable power.

“Not only is Labor’s energy approach leaving families paying more for their power, but it is also destroying the very thing they’re trying to protect.

“To meet Australia’s energy needs, Labor’s reckless policy of all renewables will see our countryside carpeted in 58 million solar panels, almost 3,500 industrial wind turbines and up to 28,000 kilometres of transmission lines criss-crossing regional Australia,” Ms Landry said.

The Coalition’s energy future announcement included the naming seven locations for zero-emission nuclear reactors which utilise coal-fired power station infrastructure either coming to its end-of-life use or closed.

“Adding zero-emission nuclear into Australia’s energy mix is a commonsense approach to ensuring our nation’s economic security and continued jobs in the communities.

“The operational lifespans of renewables and zero-emission nuclear energy are markedly different. Wind and solar farms need to be replaced four times over during the 80-year service life of a nuclear energy plant.

“Australia is the only developed nation not utilising zero-emissions nuclear technology as a part of a reliable energy mix.

“Only a Coalition Government can deliver an energy plan which will ensure Australia remains strong and resilient. Our plan will deliver a net-zero electricity grid by 2050 which will set our country up for success for decades to come.”

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