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Landry Calls on State Labor to Stop Crime

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, has visited frustrated business owners in Yeppoon today, after a spate of break-ins to their shops.

Overnight, another four shops were targeted in the Cedar Park Shopping Village in Taranganba, as well as Two Sisters Coffee Bar in Cooee Bay.

Capricornia MP Michelle Landry listened to exasperated owners, managers and staff who are wanting more action to be taken.

“Every night these small business owners close their shop not knowing if they will be getting a call at two in the morning to let them know they’ve been broken into.

“It’s just not fair for these businesses to invest so much of their time and energy into their establishment only to have some thugs destroy their hard work,” Ms Landry said.

One of the businesses Ms Landry visited, Mick’s Meats Yeppoon, had to close while they cleaned the broken glass.

While Cedar Park Fish and Chips, already targeted only a few nights ago, had to replace their glass door for a second time in a week.

“When people think of break ins, they immediately think of the emotional damage it causes. While that does have an enormous effect on victims, many don’t realise just how much of a financial impact crime has too,” Ms Landry said.

“Constituents who have been victims of crime have told me that the associated costs afterwards are enormous.

“Replacing glass, new locks, equipment, insurance excess increases. It all adds up. All costs that small businesses and families shouldn’t have to absorb.

“I am calling on our State MPs for our region to step up and take this crime emergency to the Premier and call for immediate action.

“They are missing in action while the crime rate hits immense proportions.

“The Premier needs to act and act fast,” Ms Landry said. Michelle Landry has contacted the Police Commissioner’s office to request an immediate briefing on the crime crisis.

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