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Landry: Capricornia Resources Propping Up Budget

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, has called on Labor to not forget where the wealth of the nation is produced in the lead up to Budget being release tonight.

Capricornia delivered $315 million in gross regional product through the resources sector, while also delivering $9 billion in royalties back into the Queensland Government’s coffers in the 2021-22 financial year.

A return to a $4 billion surplus, even for only this one Budget, is through the hard work of regional Australians in the resource and agriculture sectors, Ms Landry said.

“We deserve the fair share in regional Australia because the wealth of the nation comes from regional Australia.

“So, we’re calling on the Australian Government to make sure regional Australia is not missed out tonight.

“The wealth from our electorates is propping up their budget tonight, but we see very slim pickings in regional areas,” Ms Landry said.

In Labor’s first Budget, over $20 billion was stripped from the regions in either cuts or delays for $9.6 billion in infrastructure, $10 billion in grants programs and $7 billion in dam and water projects.

“It is simply not good enough that the hardworking Australians, who live and work in the regions that produce the prosperity we all enjoy, are not receiving their fair share back through investment in local community organisations, infrastructure and roads.

“Labor’s lack of investment doesn’t seem to be changing in a hurry, with their ‘infrastructure review’ casting doubt over any future regional programs.

“The 30 per cent of Australia’s population who live in regional, rural and remote communities deserve better than a government who milks them for all they’re worth. It does not create a prosperous, stronger and sustainable Australia,” Ms Landry said.

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