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Landry Urges Immediate Action from Communications Minister on Collinsville’s Telecommunication Crisis

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, is calling on the Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland, to urgently address the severe telecommunication issues plaguing Collinsville.

Collinsville, in the north-west region of Capricornia, has been experiencing subpar Telstra coverage for many months, with constituents reporting they’ve been unable to obtain service unless connected to home Wi-Fi.

“Telecommunication issues with Telstra were brought to my attention in March and I have been working closely with representatives of Telstra to resolve the issue.

“Upon my escalation, Telstra dispatched a service technician to assess the issue and make the necessary repairs. Upon review, the technician was able to identify and I was advised that the problem had been resolved.

“Despite some constituents reporting their service had been restored, many people were still unable to utilise their phones outside of their homes.

“Telstra is now informing customers that they cannot provide further assistance while also attempting to sell their new Starlink package.

“This effort to convince residents, who are already paying a premium for Telstra’s substandard service, to spend even more each month has rightfully angered many constituents.

“I have written a letter to the Minister for Communications to advise her of the substandard service the Collinsville community is experiencing and the lack of assistance being provided and have requested immediate support in resolving the matter.

“Those who live in regional, rural and remote areas of Capricornia rely on their phones to remain connected, particularly those with medical conditions. It is outrageous that this is being let slip through the cracks by Telstra,” Ms Landry said.

The 2024 Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee is currently undertaking a survey to better understand regional, rural and remote Australian’s issues with accessing and using telecommunication services.

“I strongly encourage everyone who is being affected by poor telecommunication services to complete the survey.”

Complete the 2024 Regional Telecommunications Review survey, more information can be found by visiting rtirc.gov.au. Submissions for the survey end 31 July 2024.

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