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Landry’s final pitch to Capricornia

Hardworking Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has said she is proud of her track record ahead of the Election on May 21.

“While every candidate can make promises, only I will deliver for Capricornia,” Ms Landry said.

“Since 2013, I’ve fought hard to secure more than $5.7 billion in federal funding which has gone into building new infrastructure and strengthening our region.”

This includes:

  • $10 million – Rockhampton Museum of Art (complete)
  • $13 million – Yeppoon Aquatic Centre (planning stages)
  • $23 million – Rockhampton Sports Stadium (planning stages)
  • $183.6 million – Rookwood Weir (underway)
  • $7 million – Rockhampton Hospital Car Park (complete)
  • $483 million – Urannah Dam (planning stages)
  • $3.2 million – Clermont Saleyards upgrade (underway)
  • $20 million – Keppel Bay Sailing Club (planning stages)
  • $8 million – Fitzroy Community Hospice (planning stages)
  • $25 million – Alliance Airlines Repair & Maintenance Facility (underway)
  • Over $800 million – Rockhampton Ring Road (planning stages)
  • $120 million – Walkerston Bypass (underway)
  • Over $220 million – Peak Downs Highway upgrades (complete)
  • $106.4 million – Rockhampton to Sarina Black Spots (complete)
  • $10 million – Mackay Aquatic & Recreation Complex (complete)
  • $396, 426 – Sarina Headspace (complete)
  • $425,000 – Collinsville QCWA Hall (underway)

Just this morning, the Labor candidate for Capricornia knocked these important projects by saying, “we need some of the basic stuff fixed, not just money poured in to make a couple of individuals really well off.”

Labor has also said they will cut $350 million from the Community Development Grants Programme and $400 million from the Regionalisation Fund.

Ms Landry said while Labor may dismiss community infrastructure, only the Coalition Government will support valuable organisations in Capricornia that are run by hardworking volunteers who are the very fabric of our communities.

“Combined with record investments in aged care, Medicare and schools, the Coalition Government is getting on with the job of securing Australia’s future,” Ms Landry said.

“We have seen more than 2,900 new or amended lifesaving and life-changing medicine listings have been made on the PBS with investment of over $16.5 billion.

“We have seen the Coalition Government’s JobKeeper payment support 3,900 businesses and 16,100 employees in Capricornia through the pandemic, to help keep them connected to their place of work, setting the groundwork for the recovery.

“However, there is more work to do. As part of my local plan for our community I’ve been thrilled to announce federal funding and election commitments for a range of major projects which will benefit the region.

“Your choice at this election matters.

“A vote for Labor or the minor parties puts our local plan at risk. Now is not the time to change course. Central Queensland has come too far.

“I encourage you to Vote 1 for Michelle Landry, and Vote 1 for the LNP Senate team.”

Federal funding/ election commitments:

  • $14.4 million to replace the Phillips Creek Bridge on Saraji Road
  • $483 million to build Urannah Dam
  • $100,000 for the rebuild of Collinsville QCWA Hall – taking total federal funding to $450,000
  • $6 million to Beef Australia
  • $2.9 million to fund Archer Street Drainage Scheme Stages 1 & 2
  • $2.8 million to upgrade the Nebo Showgrounds
  • $10 million for a CQ Motor Sporting Complex
  • $5 million for new veteran wellness services in Kinchant Waters and Mackay
  • $10 million to upgrade the Rockhampton Airport
  • $11 million to Keppel Brand to build a food value adding manufacturing facility
  • $400 million to improve Queensland beef road corridors
  • $6.18 million to upgrade Artillery Road and Greenlake Road
  • $5 million to upgrade the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange Facilities
  • $3.86 million for West Tigers Sporting Complex
  • $6 million for Belmont Research Station
  • $795,000 to MRAEL for their CYCLE: Creating Youth Change and Leading Engagement Program
  • $9 million for a new Mackay Electric Vehicle and Energy Training Centre in Mackay
  • Almost $7.7 million for better telecommunications
  • Up to $24 million to be invested in the Rockhampton and Shoalwater region for four job creating projects

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