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Phase 3 of Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program Rolls Out

It was announced this week that Isaac Regional Council will reap the benefits of over $3 million in Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) phase 3 funding.

The LRCI program was first established by the Coalition Government in July 2020, as a means to support communities recovering from Covid-19 pressures. 

Such was the success of the first phase, that the Coalition rolled this program out for another two rounds.

Ms Landry said that the benefit to communities will last for years, with projects such as local pool upgrades, tourist attraction revitalisation projects and amenity upgrades providing a much-needed boost to the economy.

“When in Government, the Coalition identified the need to boost the economy and deliver funding to create jobs, economic stimulus and community infrastructure that will benefit Australians well into the future.

“I was pleased to announce that Capricornia will receive over $13.8 million of funding for the third phase in November 2021.” Ms Landry said.

Councils in Capricornia were allocated under the Coalition Government the following under the program’s third phase:

  • $3,092,778 for Isaac Regional Council
  • $1,812,954 for Livingstone Shire Council
  • $3,913,180 for Mackay Regional Council
  • $2,966,910 for Rockhampton Regional Council
  • $2,101,074 for Whitsunday Regional Council

Isaac Regional Council have announced they will utilise their funds for the following:

  • Upgrade Clermont Swimming Centre car park
  • Upgrade Middlemount Pool car park
  • Upgrade fencing at Nebo Pool
  • Revitalising the Nebo Memorial Hall, administration, library, and Historic Nebo Museum
  • Restoring the Pioneer Slab Hut at Clermont Historical Centre
  • Pool fence upgrades at Greg Cruickshank Aquatic Centre and Glenden Pool
  • Renewing tourism signage around the region
  • Copperfield Store rectification project
  • Town Entry Statement for Nebo
  • Dump point alarm system at Carmila and St Lawrence
  • Upgrading recycled water pipeline at Eastern Sporting Fields, Moranbah
  • Replace solar lighting at Centenary Park, Clermont
  • Refurbish the amenities block at Rose Harris Park, Clermont.
  • Moranbah Town Square lighting upgrade
  • Light replacement at Middlemount touch fields
  • Light replacement at Middlemount netball courts
  • Light upgrade at Middlemount rugby league fields
  • Footpaths and parking accessibility upgrades at Centenary Park, Nebo.

While it is good news that funding is flowing from the third phase, allocations are still yet to be announced by the Labor Government for phase four of LRCI.

The Coalition had budgeted for councils to receive the following:

  • Rockhampton Regional Council – $1,483,455
  • Livingstone Shire Council – $906,477
  • Mackay Regional Council – $1,956,590
  • Isaac Regional Council – $1,546,389
  • Whitsunday Regional Council – $1,050,537

“At last year’s election, Labor promised to extend our highly successful program, which included $500 million of additional funding which was budgeted by the Coalition Government.

“Yet here we are eight months later with councils no closer to understanding just how much they will receive for phase 4.

“The Government needs to start showing respect to all councils in Capricornia and to local communities by ending the secrecy and delays over this program.” Ms Landry said.

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