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Pumped Hydro Pipe Dream Dropped by LNP

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, has commended the state LNP Opposition Leader, David Crisafulli, for announcing he will end the Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro project madness if elected in October this year.

Ms Landry said she has been working with the Eungella community to bring awareness to the plight of the region for almost two years.

“It’s been a long journey of campaigning to save Eungella from decimation by the Labor party’s Pioneer-Burdekin Pumped Hydro project pipe dream, which has had almost $145 million of taxpayer’s money spent on it without a business case.

“Late last year, I launched my petition to Save Eungella and garnered more than 12,000 signatures. The people do not want to lose this pristine part of the world for an ideological idea.

“I’ve been tirelessly advocating for the Eungella community and those against the project both in Canberra and with my state LNP colleagues. Today’s announcement from state LNP Opposition Leader David Crisafulli is a significant victory for our community. I thank Mr Crisafulli for his sensible decision and commitment to halting this misguided project once elected in October. 

“LNP candidate for Mirani, Glen Kelly, has been an incredible supporter for the community as well. I’ve seen firsthand his dedication to preserving our region and his tireless efforts to raise awareness within the LNP about what is at stake have been unwavering,” Ms Landry said.

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