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Queensland Hydro Project – Why Not Urannah Dam?

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry is asking the question ‘Why not Urannah?’, after the Queensland Labor Government’s announcement of the new hydro project planned for the Pioneer Valley.

Ms Landry’s comments come after the Queensland Government’s surprise announcement of new hydro projects to be constructed in Queensland.

“The announcement of a new hydro project in the Pioneer Valley begs the question, why not the Urannah Dam? The Urannah Dam is ready to go. The proposed site is at least a decade away.

“I have lobbied for Urannah Dam for years, a project that will create water security and act as a catchment for regional northern Queensland. The studies have shown that the location is the most suitable due to the heavy and predictable rain season.

“Labor’s $12 billion plan for two dams to be built, one south of Gympie (Borumba Dam), which is under construction and the second dam planned for the Pioneer Valley, will provide energy only, and it will take two wet seasons to fill the dam.

“There has been no consultation with the residents, the first they knew of the project was through the media. The shock and stress this has brought to residents is unacceptable. This project will impact 79 properties in the Pioneer Valley, of which 54 dwellings and buildings will be directly impacted.

“The road through Pioneer Valley will be inundated and will need to be re-routed, and the EIS (environment impact statement) is going to take 3-4 years to complete.

“Labor’s announcement came out of nowhere, with no consultation with the local community. The question needs to be asked why the Queensland Government is planning a hydro project that is clearly an inferior model of the already researched and proposed Urannah Dam?” Ms Landry said.

Have Your Say at Community meetings being held on the following dates:

• Thursday, 6 October, – Finch Hatton RSL – 3 – 7.00 pm
• Thursday, 13 October – Eungella Broken River Resort – 3 – 7.00 pm
• Friday, 14 October – Mackay Split Spaces – 3 -7.00pm

Further meetings are planned for November.

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