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Regional manufacturing at risk after two years under Albanese

It is now two years since the Albanese Labor Government came into power, but it’s feared under this government some manufacturers won’t survive the term.

Shadow Assistant Minister for Manufacturing, Michelle Landry said manufacturers are struggling to cope with rising costs and it’s jeopardising the future of our thriving regions.

“Manufacturing plays a critical role in the regions, employing thousands and developing regional towns, it’s crucial for the future of our country that the government listens to manufacturers and takes action.”

“The $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund was a key election commitment for Albanese, it’s now legislated, but still not a cent has been delivered to support the sector.

In a submission to the supermarket enquiry, Mars detailed energy costs as a barrier to manufacturing in Australia saying in the last two years alone its gas prices have more than doubled.

“We have global food manufacturers like Mars saying it’s too expensive to do business in Australia because of labour inflation, rising energy costs and freight and handling costs but instead the government is splashing cash on advertising.”

“The Albanese Government is trying to distract the industry with its dud “Future Made in Australia Fund” but the truth is they’re wasting $45 million advertising the program, while manufacturers struggle to stay afloat.

“After two years of Albanese’s Labor Government manufacturers are not better off and regional Australians will continue to suffer if action isn’t taken soon to address these issues.”

Under the Albanese Government manufacturing insolvencies have tripled and the industry has reported a decline in new orders at the largest rate since the GFC.

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