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Surveying The Cost-of-Living Crisis: Landry Seeks Input From Capricornians

Amid the escalating cost-of-living crisis, Michelle Landry, the Federal Member for Capricornia, has launched an online survey aimed at gauging the extent of the challenges faced by residents in Capricornia.

Ms Landry said the statistics are a frightening reality to just how much it hasn’t been easy under Albanese.

“Before the election, Labor promised a $275 reduction in people’s power bills and that Australians would be “better off” under his leadership. However, under Anthony Albanese’s leadership, the current data on the costs of essential items presents a contrasting perspective.

“In just 18 months, the price of food at the checkout has gone up by 9 per cent, electricity prices have increased a whopping 23 per cent and there have been no less than 12 interest rate rises. Labor’s economic policies are failing Capricornians and they’re paying the price.

“The purpose of the survey is for me to better understand how these increases are impacting my constituents and what changes they would like to see. These insights allow me to take this information down to Canberra and fight for better policies,” Ms Landry said.

The cost-of-living survey can be accessed online via Michelle Landry’s website, michellelandry.com.au.

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