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Your job is safe with the Nationals

After careful deliberation over the last week and securing agreement to a range of support, protections and safeguards, the Nationals have agreed in principle to the net zero 2050 emissions goal.

Federal Member for Capricornia said the Nationals have gone into bat for regional Australia, as they always have, to secure regional jobs and industries well into the future.

“On net zero, we had the choice to either negotiate the best outcome on behalf of farmers, the mining and agricultural communities in regional Australia or to play no role in securing the future of our regions.

“We decided to take up the fight and we have locked in protections for existing jobs and industries that drive our nation’s economy forward,” Ms Landry said.

“The plan to achieve net zero by 2050 is to take action in a practical, responsible way based on existing policies. This is not an environmental revolution, but a careful and measured evolution.

Ms Landry said that she will fight to protect the future mining and agricultural industries and the jobs that they create.

“The National Party has secured a five-yearly review of the net zero target to ensure the effects of the policy are constantly measured, which will be undertaken by the Productivity Commission.

“No one must forget that our agriculture and resources sectors provide the wealth of this nation – to support the social security, NDIS, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, pensions, health, all those things that allow people to live with dignity and are so vitally important to keep our terms of trade positive.

“If you’re a coal miner in Central Queensland, you will still have a job well beyond 2040. With Australia being the world’s largest exporter of metallurgical coal and second-largest exporter of thermal coal with prices for both surging from energy demand.

“Agriculture is already doing the heavy lifting – through new genetics, pasture and crop species, feed additives, management practices and making production systems more efficient.”

Ms Landry has grave concerns about Labor’s plan to reach net zero.

“The Labor Party has committed to legislating a net zero target but what does this mean for regional Australia? Legislation means laws and, laws mean penalties

“Is it another Carbon Tax or further vegetation management laws? Australians don’t know what Labor’s plan is.

“Labor is not on the side of regional Australia and they cannot be trusted to manage the future of the industries and jobs they don’t value in the way the Nationals do.

“Minor parties, on the other hand, can promise the world and say whatever they please, but they can never deliver on their promises, Ms Landry said.

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