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Boosting mental health support in Rockhampton

A new dedicated headspace program has been assisting young people in Rockhampton experiencing mental illness to join the workforce.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, said the Roseberry Community Services site in Rockhampton has been running the Individual Placement and Support Program to address barriers preventing people with mental illness from finding and keeping a job.

The Federal Coalition Government have provided $845,000 to Roseberry to locally deliver the initiative over four years.

“I’m thrilled that the Government have invested in this crucially important program to boost mental health and employment services in our community,” Ms Landry said.

“By integrating educational and workforce support with clinical mental health services, we can help our young people secure employment opportunities.

“Mental illness should not be a barrier to pursuing a fulfilling career, and the Individual Placement and Support Program will ensure that young people have access to the tailored support they need to thrive in any workplace.

“This investment will provide local career assistance hand-in-hand with clinical support to help young people with mental illness enter the workforce and reach their full potential.”

Roseberry Community Services is one of 26 new sites across Australia to deliver the program, in addition to 24 existing locations.

Nationally, the Individual Placement and Support Program will allow more than 6,000 Australians under the age of 25 experiencing mental illness to access a range of specialist vocational and employment support services.

General Manager of Roseberry QLD, Michelle Coats, said the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Program forms part of the Australian Government’s broader Youth Employment Strategy and is funded by Department of Social Services.

“The IPS program integrates employment and vocational services with clinical mental health and other non-vocational support and focuses on the individual needs of young people with mental illness who are seeking to enter or remain in education and employment or explore career opportunities,” Ms Coats said.

“At headspace Rockhampton, we understand that finding a job and applying for study involves a lot of exploring, preparation, and support.

“We recognise that needs differ from person to person and pathways may look different in many ways. This is what makes IPS a fantastic program, with flexibility, understanding and consistent support, our young people currently participating in the IPS Program have all met their short- term goals and are continuing to run towards their long-term goals.

“These goals include things like setting them up with skills to carry them through job applications, job interviews, future planning for their careers and all this with their very own cheerleader – their Vocational Specialist who celebrates the little wins along with the big wins.”

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