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Car Carbon Tax To Put Brakes On Car Sales

It has been revealed that under the proposed carbon tax on new vehicles by the Australian Labor Party, families may be burdened with a substantial increase in the cost of their favourite family cars. The impact, projected to reach up to $25,000 for SUVs/4WDs and

$18,000 for utes by 2029, poses a significant concern for Australian consumers.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry said Labor’s carbon tax initiative, particularly its impact on SUVs, utes, and 4WDs, directly affects families relying on these vehicles for daily commuting and tradies who depend on utes for their jobs.

“It’s another day and another broken promise from the Albanese Government. Before the election, the Prime Minister promised there would be no new taxes. Under Labor’s new car tax, Australian’s will be slugged with an additional cost when purchasing a new vehicle.

“The Fuel Efficiency Standards is extreme and will add thousands of dollars to the cars that Australians love to drive,” Ms Landry said.

Concerns also extend to the possibility of manufacturers withdrawing from the Australian market if Labor’s family car carbon tax is implemented as planned. The Australian Automobile Association, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, and the Australian Automotive Dealers Association have expressed criticism of Labor’s model, highlighting potential detrimental consequences for both consumers and the automotive industry.

Senator for Queensland, Mathew Canavan said “The government has been out there trying to claim this will save people money while refusing to release the modelling.

“They won’t release it because they know that it will show an increased cost for Australians.

“Whether you’re a family needing a larger car, a tradie or a mine worker and need a ute or 4WD, this new carbon tax will make it more expensive for Australians to get any of the most popular cars in this country.

“Labor’s completely ignoring the cost of living crisis by making it harder for Australians, while trying to pretend that they’re actually helping them.”

Cost increase for Australia’s most popular vehicles:

$11,020 more for a Toyota RAV4$17,950 more a Ford Ranger
$12,180 more for a MG ZS$14,490 more for a Toyota Hilux
$25,050 for a Toyota Landcruiser$13,830 more for an Isuzu D-Max

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