Cost of Living Survey – Have Your Say!

Cost of Living Crisis

With the cost of living on the rise, so too the pressure families have to bear in order to make ends meet. The cost of living inflation may be inevitable, but that shouldn’t stop the Labor Government from looking for ways to help alleviate the stress on our day to day Australians. The people of Australia are being hit with higher energy bills, higher mortgage repayments, and higher grocery prices. Affordable housing is also harder to find, and the education for our children is becoming inaccessible due to the rising expenses of fees, uniforms and school supplies.

The focus of the Albanese Government should have always been to listen to the Australian people and understand what the major concerns they are struggling with. Unfortunately, Labor’s priority lied elsewhere which was the Voice Referendum; leaving the underlying problem of the nation unattended. The Albanese Government must come up with a plan to tackle inflation or else Australians will be the ones paying the price for Labor’s bad decisions. 

Please let me know your thoughts about the current state of cost of living and fill in the following survey so I can be aware of people’s concerns and issues in Capricornia.

Thank you

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