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Get ready for your vaccination: link your digital government services

The Hon Michelle Landry MP
Member for Capricornia
Assistant Minister for Children and Families
Assistant Minister for Northern Australia

The Hon Stuart Robert MP
Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme
Minister for Government Services


The Morrison Government is encouraging all residents in Capricornia to get ready for their COVID-19 vaccination by linking their digital government services, particularly their myGov and Medicare accounts.

The call to link digital services follows the announcement that the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) will be the record for all vaccinations for Australians and that record will form the basis of the vaccination certificate that all Australians will be able to use, including visa holders.

The AIR has undergone significant upgrades in preparation for COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The AIR already allows you to see your recorded immunisations through myGov or the Medicare Express Plus app through an ‘immunisation history statement’. Almost 5.6 million immunisation history statements were securely accessed by individuals over the last financial year. Your immunisation history statement will record your COVID-19 vaccinations.

Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert encouraged all Australians to link their myGov and Medicare online services today to ensure they can access proof they have had a COVID-19 vaccination, quickly and easily.

‘The Morrison Government is getting on with the vaccine rollout so we’re asking Australians to be vaccination-ready and link their digital services today,’ Minister Robert said.

‘Services Australia has been putting in the work to ensure government services are simple, respectful, transparent and helpful – so we have supercharged myGov and we have state-of-the art cybersecurity in place to protect the Australian Immunisation Register.’

Michelle Landry, Member for Capricornia said linking your myGov and Medicare digital accounts is a simple step you can take right now that will help you and your family be ready for a vaccinated Australia.’

‘This is something you can do right now to get your family vaccination-ready, it will be really helpful once you’ve had the vaccine and will mean you can easily access your vaccine certificate through the Australian Immunisation Register at the touch of a button.’

‘Do not forget, if you already have your Medicare account linked in myGov, make sure you check your contact details are up to date,’ Ms Landry said.

Data from Services Australia indicates there are currently 19.7 million active myGov Accounts with 9.9 million linked to Medicare.

Since 30 June 2020, on average 150,000 new myGov accounts have been created and linked to a member service each month and 92,000 myGov accounts have been linked to Medicare each month.

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