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The Hon Michelle Landry
Federal Member for Capricornia
Assistant Minister for Children and Families
Assistant Minister for Northern Australia

Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan
Senator for Queensland
Deputy Leader of the Nationals in the Senate


Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry and Senator for Queensland Matt Canavan have called upon Australian Labor Party MPs and Senators to finally support coal and the thousands of jobs in the resources industry by backing the Federal Government’s feasibility study grant for a 1GW HELE coal-fired power station in Collinsville.

Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor will table the legislative instrument required to support the feasibility study grant expenditure to Parliament next week. Within 15 sitting days of the grant expenditure being tabled to Parliament, a Senator or Member of Parliament can give notice of a motion to disallow the legislative instrument, used to authorise the funding.

Ms Landry said the Government is committed to drive down power prices, improve reliability and support a stronger economy and jobs, and it’s time for the Australian Labor Party to finally show their support for the coal sector and the many jobs that rely on it.

“I am not waiting for them to choose their position tomorrow, next week, or just before the next Federal election. Now is the time for the Labor Party to show where they sit. Do they support coal workers and affordable, reliable energy? Or do they care more about inner-city Green votes over hardworking regional families?” said Ms Landry.

“Central Queenslanders are sick of the Labor Party’s mixed messaging on coal which was on full display at the last Federal Election.

“I am calling on all Federal Labor Senators to support the tabling of the feasibility study grant expenditure. If they don’t, I will be holding each and every one of them to account every day until the next election.”

Senator for Queensland Matt Canavan said the coming week’s parliamentary sitting is a test for the Australian Labor Party.

“This is a test for Joel Fitzgibbon’s late conversion to the cause of coal jobs. Will he and Labor vote in support of coal jobs in Canberra or is this all just talk to try to hoodwink the people of Queensland again?

“I would love to see the Labor Party rediscover its roots as a party for working men and women. That would mean that we could then return to the bipartisan project of developing Australia. But I fear that Joel’s voice is a lone one in a forest full of Green activists. We will discover the true character of the modern Labor Party with this vote in coming weeks,” Mr Canavan said.

Ms Landry said proof of the LNP Government’s support in coal and other energy projects is in their actions.

Through the $10 million  Supporting Reliable Energy Infrastructure program, the LNP Government is supporting feasibility studies for two new generation projects — a 1GW HELE project in Collinsville and a 1.5GW pumped hydro project at the Urannah Water Scheme.

“A feasibility study is the first step in garnering private sector investment which brings new jobs and delivers affordable, reliable power to Queensland families and businesses,” Ms Landry said.

Ms Landry will be writing to each Federal Labor and Greens Senator for their support.

Shine Energy’s proposed 1GW HELE coal-fired power station in Collinsville is expected to create 2000 jobs during construction and 600 operational jobs.

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