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Labor’s Cash for Jabs

Federal Member for Capricornia has slammed Labor’s ‘cash for jabs’ following their proposal to give $300 payments to people who receive two doses of a COVID vaccine by December.

“The best incentive to get the vaccine is the fact that it could save your life and the lives of your loved ones,” Ms Landry said.

“Australians know that their taxpayer dollars are best spent supporting those doing it tough, such as those who have lost work due to current lockdowns.

“Instead, Labor are proposing payments to people who have already been vaccinated or have already decided to get their jab.

“Research has highlighted that financial incentives have had little to no impact on vaccination rates and suggesting that people have to be paid to get vaccinated can increase their risk perception.

“The Labor Party needs to understand that you can’t put a price on saving lives and they should join the Coalition Government and encourage Australians to roll up their sleeves and receive a COVID-19 vaccination.”

The Coalition Government has a plan to get back to normal life and a target of getting 70 percent of eligible Australians vaccinated, so lockdown is less likely, restrictions are eases, and many freedoms are returned.

Already more than 12 million doses have been administered and that’s ramped up to more than a million doses a week.

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