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Labour must rule out funding for job-killing EDO

Minister for Resources and Water
Federal Member for Hinkler

Assistant Minister for Children and Families
Assistant Minister for Regional Tourism
Federal Member for Capricornia


Minister for Resources and Water Keith Pitt is calling on Labor to abandon plans to provide millions of dollars of taxpayer funding to the Environmental Defenders Office, which specialises in “lawfare” to delay resources projects that create jobs for thousands of Australians.

Minister Pitt said at the last election the Shadow Attorney-General and current Deputy Labor Leader proudly boasted of providing $14 million funding to the EDO.

“It is ridiculous that Labor is pledging funding to an organisation that is determined to stop new jobs and economic opportunities being provided by legitimate resources projects that have received all state and federal government approvals,” Minister Pitt.

“This is a test for Anthony Albanese’s claim that he supports the industry and the 279 thousand Australians it directly employs.

“Labor can’t say they support mining and at the same time promise millions of dollars in funding to an organisation that wants to close the industry down,” Minister Pitt said.

“The EDO has been involved in several cases of lawfare to delay or stop major resources projects including New Acland and Adani in Queensland, Narrabri gas development in NSW, Burrup Hub gas development in WA and the list goes on.

Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said Labor’s funding pledge to the Environmental Defenders Office risks jobs in regional Queensland.

“By funding the EDO, Labor is giving a two-fingered salute to the hard working men and women of our local resources sector who’ve helped keep the national economy in such a strong position through the global coronavirus pandemic,” Ms Landry said.

“Activists are welcome to pay for their own lawfare but should not be assisted by taxpayer funding.

“Labor took many dud policies to the last election and this was one of them. For the sake of our miners and local economy in Capricornia, Anthony Albanese must abandon support for the Environmental Defenders Office.”

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