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Landry: Log Off And Shop Local This Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry, highlights the crucial role that supporting local businesses plays in fostering community resilience and economic prosperity. With Christmas just around the corner, Michelle Landry urges residents to prioritise shopping locally and championing small family businesses.

Ms Landry is calling on locals to embrace the spirit of giving by making mindful choices that positively impact the businesses that form the backbone of our local economy.

“We all love a bargain, but I urge shoppers to log off this Christmas season and shop locally. By choosing to shop locally, we not only find unique and meaningful gifts, but we also play a pivotal role in sustaining the vibrancy of our communities. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy, providing employment opportunities, fostering innovation, and enriching the character of our neighbourhoods.

“Capricornia hosts a myriad of wonderful small businesses, whether that be Ornabella in Clermont, Fox and Frank in Moranbah or the eclectic shopping hub of William Street in Rockhampton,” Ms Landry said.

With more than 5 million hard-working Australians employed by small businesses, the economic ripple effect of shopping locally not only supports the entrepreneurs of the business but also contributes to supporting the families who are employed in the establishments.

“This holiday season, I will be making the conscious effort to prioritise shopping locally for my Christmas shopping and I urge all Capricornians to do the same. By doing so, we can collectively strengthen the fabric of our communities, boost economic vitality, and ensure a brighter future for small family enterprises,” Ms Landry said.

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