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Rookwood Weir One Step Closer

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry and Federal Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd have welcomed the start of concrete pouring at Rookwood Weir this week.

This is following the Federal Government’s $183.6 million investment into the 76,000 megalitres project.

“This is a fantastic milestone for Rookwood Weir, a project I have been fighting for since before I was elected,” Ms Landy said.

“Rookwood Weir will deliver 200 jobs and expand irrigated agricultural production in the lower Fitzroy River region by providing an additional 76,000 megalitres.

“In April of this year, I welcomed the start of construction of Rookwood Weir to a height of 76,000 megalitres to conclude my North Queensland Water Tour.

“I was pleased to see 50 excavators pushing dirt around with 100 of 200 high-vis workers building what will be a 202-metre wide, five-storey high weir on the Fitzroy River.”

Ms Landry said that the Rookwood Weir project has faced challenges from the Queensland Labor Government.

“The State Labor Government wanted the Rookwood Weir downsized to 54,000 megalitres but I, like the farmers and all interested parties wanted it built once and built properly.

“Graziers, landowners and farmers stood with me during the real Rookwood Weir rally in September 2019 and protested the blatant disregard the Labor Party has for regional areas.”

Federal Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd said once complete, the over-16-metre-high weir will enable a transition to higher value agricultural land use and facilitate new industrial business opportunities in the region.

“On top of this, the 18-metre-high concrete Riverslea Bridge upgrade has been completed, replacing the existing crossing with a single 3.5-metre-wide road lane,” Mr O’Dowd said.

“This will connect the approaches to the bridge with the existing road, including passing bays at both ends, and demolishing the existing culvert crossing.

“The Capricorn Highway intersection upgrade at Gogango and the upgrade and widening of Thirsty Creek Road have already been completed as well as the workers’ accommodation camp.

“This project is the real deal delivering nation building infrastructure that will be utilised for generations to come.

“The first water from Rookwood Weir will be available in 2023 and I look forward to when this fantastic day occurs.”

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