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Labor Division on Coal Claims Another Advocate

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has offered her commiserations to former Shadow Minister for Resources Joel Fitzgibbon over resigning from the Opposition frontbench. 

Ms Landry said the radical shift to climate extremism of the Left of the Labor Party has claimed an advocate for coal. 

“It is a shame that the Labor Left faction sees fit to claim the political scalp of another advocate for coal. 

“I have always gotten along with Mr Fitzgibbon and I think he doesn’t deserve what has been done to him but unfortunately, he couldn’t make his voice heard within the Labor party to take coal seriously,” Ms Landry said. 

Ms Landry notes that Senator Murray Watt’s comments on Sky News of being “comfortable with Anthony Albanese’s position” on energy and coal as extremely concerning. 

“I find Senator Watt’s comments quite troubling because we have seen nothing but internal backstabbing and public dissent from the Labor Party over coal. How on earth can he be comfortable with that? 

“For a Senator who sees fit to waste taxpayer funds to travel to CQ from the Gold Coast to protest outside my office in Rockhampton, I think he is incredibly misguided and frankly, ignorant to the chaos around him. 

“He still hasn’t answered my repeated calls to explain his role in selling off the Rocky rail yards when he was Anna Bligh’s right hand man,” Ms Landry said. 

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