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Labor Policies Create Job Uncertainty in Cost-of-living Crisis

Miners in Capricornia are facing imminent job losses as Labor’s ill-thought through natural resource policies create uncertainty in the mining industry.

Earlier this week, BHP CEO Mike Henry announced the company was looking to cut costs as added pressure from paying the highest royalties in the world, Same Job Same Pay legislation and inflation take a toll.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, said without the hard work of miners our nation would be far worse off.

“Labor continues to punish the mining industry to appease their inner-city green voters. I would like to remind those who live in the cities just who will be funding their mammoth infrastructure projects and the Brisbane Olympics. 

“BHP’s latest announcement this week to reduce costs is a blow for workers during the current cost-of-living crisis.

“The Palaszczuk Government’s decision to impose the world’s highest royalty tax on coal will cause the resources industry to stagnate in Queensland,” Ms Landry said.

The enormity of the increase to royalties was made evident in the state budget, with record $15.3 billion poured back into the government’s coffers.

Ms Landry said rash decisions to increase taxes to such a level is creating a great deal of uncertainty for companies willing to invest in the industry in Queensland.

“The mining industry drives our economy and has been ostracised by the Labor party for years.

“This reality is that the resources industry is on the precipice of another mining boom, with the need for critical minerals becoming greater than ever. Queensland will be overlooked for investment while the Labor party pillage the sector with higher taxes,” Ms Landry said.

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