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Mobile Coverage Boosted in Bungundarra

People living and travelling through Bungundarra will now have better phone service to make calls, browse the internet and stay connected with family and friends.

The new mobile base station which was turned on recently will significantly improve phone service in Bungundarra, Woodbury and Farnborough Roads.

Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts the Hon Paul Fletcher MP said the switch on of the new mobile base station in Bungundarra under the Mobile Black Spot Program reflects the Morrison-McCormack Government’s commitment to further improving connectivity in the regions.

“This significant investment as part of the Mobile Black Spot Program means that people living, working and travelling in Livingstone Shire will now have better mobile coverage. This is especially important following this summer’s devastating bushfires,” Minister Fletcher said.

“While no telecommunications network is 100 per cent impervious to damage from natural disasters, Australians naturally want to be confident our communications networks are as resilient as possible. The Mobile Black Spot Program is an important part of this as it provides an alternative communications option if another network goes down during an emergency situation.

“The first five rounds of the Mobile Black Spot Program are funding 1,229 mobile base stations around Australia, with more than 820 of these already on air and providing much needed mobile connectivity to rural and regional areas.”

Minister for Regional Communications, Regional Health and Local Government, the Hon Mark Coulton MP, said the Coalition Government is committed to improving connectivity for people living in regional and rural areas.

“The improved service is thanks to the Liberal and Nationals Government’s $380 million Mobile Black Spot Program, which is eradicating phone black spots across Capricornia,” Minister Coulton said.

“This Government knows how frustrating it is to be talking on the phone or browsing the internet and then lose service, so we’re getting on with the job of building more phone towers to deliver better service.

“Not only will these towers make it easier for people to stay connected to family and friends, it will also make it easier to do business and access education.”

Minister Coulton said more than 40,000 Triple 0 calls have so far been made possible through the Mobile Black Spot Program.

Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said she was pleased that local residents and businesses would now have better service in more locations.

“Locals have raised the issue of poor service in Bungundarra and I’m pleased to be part of a Government that is listening and delivering,” Ms Landry said.

“The improved mobile coverage will hopefully go a long way in assisting locals and emergency personnel during natural disasters, especially during events like the bushfires in Bungundarra last year.

“The new mobile base station was completed by Optus and is the latest site in Capricornia to receive new or improved mobile coverage under the program.

“Our continued investment in mobile phone base stations is further proof of the Coalition’s commitment to connecting Australians, wherever they are, particularly in Livingstone Shire.”

Andrew Sheridan, Optus’ Vice President of Regulatory and Public Affairs said, “Working alongside the Federal and Queensland Government, we are thrilled to be bringing much needed mobile coverage to Bungundarra. It not only means greater safety for those living, working and driving through this area by unlocking access to communication but also helps to facilitate contact with family and friends.”

“This site will enable valuable opportunities for the local community, allowing regional Queensland to remain competitive with access to the same resources as the rest of Australia. Competition is not only essential for the economy, but also great for the community, with this new site providing customers with better choice and value.”

“We know how important access to reliable mobile coverage is for those living and working across regional Australia, and right now it is more critical than ever. It’s a certainly a bonus to be delivering this boost at such a crucial time when many families are currently in isolation and staying connected is essential for education, business and personal reasons.”

This macro cell base station, jointly funded by the Federal Government, Optus and the Queensland Government under Round 2 of the Mobile Black Spot Program, is co-located on the NBN tower in Bunundarra.

It is expected to provide new and improved 3G and 4G mobile coverage to the Bungundarra community and the surrounding area. This includes over 50 square kilometres of new handheld coverage to the benefit of more than 285 local premises and for people travelling through and visiting the region.

The base station will also provide improved coverage to over 8 kilometres of local roads such as Bungundarra, Woodbury and Farnborough Roads.

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