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State Labor Must Answer for Power Outages

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has lashed out at the State Labor Government over the explosion at the Callide Power Station.

“The Labor Government here in Queensland have ripped money away from the maintenance services of these power stations just to push their Labor/Green agenda.

If it wasn’t for Stanwell Power Station being available which this Labor/Green Government here in Queensland had earmarked for closure we would have been in a whole lot more trouble.

This is frankly dangerous, hospitals lost power during surgeries, traffic lights went down, vulnerable people were left at home without power. It’s not good enough. Not to mention the trauma for the workers who were there at Callide Power Station when it happened. My thoughts are still with them.” Ms Landry said

The explosion at Callide Power Station has exposed how vulnerable the people of Queensland are and how dependent we still are on coal to power up our homes, businesses and essential services cheaply and reliably.

Ms Landry said ‘This Labor Government needs to sort their priorities out and just once put the people of Queensland ahead of their Labor/Green ideological nonsense.

State Labor need to ask themselves: Do they keep pushing their Labor/ Green Agenda that potentially plunges us into darkness or do they offer reliable cheap coal fired power that keeps the lights on.” 

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