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Australians in Capricornia to Pay for Labor’s Broken Tax Promises

Labor’s plan to break its promise to deliver legislated tax cuts will mean thousands of families across Capricornia will be worse off.

This was an ironclad election promise from Anthony Albanese – but now, Labor has refused to rule out breaking this promise.

According to Australian Tax Office data, 51,800 families in Capricornia will benefit from legislated tax relief, rewarding their hard work and helping them to get ahead. That means 51,800 families will lose out by Labor breaking their promise.

These are aspirational families, not high-income earners. If this tax relief is repealed: 

  • A hairdresser earning $60K a year would lose around $400 every year.
  • A teacher earning $70K a year would lose more than $620 every year.

The Coalition’s legislated tax relief also future proofs your income. It means when your income rises over time, you won’t suddenly be pushed into a higher tax bracket.

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry said Labor needs to deliver certainty for Central Queensland and commit to delivering legislated tax cuts.

“Labor is slowly crab-walking away from its unequivocal promise to implement the Coalition’s legislated Stage Three tax cuts.

“Labor also promised over and over they would reduce electricity prices by $275, yet the Prime Minister has never mentioned that figure since he was elected in May.

“Families in Central Queensland don’t deserve to be treated this way by the Labor Government. With challenging economic conditions set to stay, people need certainty more than ever,” Ms Landry said.

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