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Boulder Creek Wind Farm Snubs Australian Manufacturers

Boulder Creek Wind Farm project developer, Aula Energy, has snubbed Australian wind turbine manufacturers for Asian produced products. Up to 60 wind turbines are expected at the Boulder Creek site. At a community forum held at the Frenchville Sports Club yesterday, it was revealed the up to 60 wind turbines would be sourced from China and not Australian manufacturers.

Shadow Assistant Minister for Manufacturing and Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, stated this is another clear indication that renewable energy companies have no regard for the Australian community.

“Not only are regional communities feeling the wrath of irresponsible renewable energy developments, but now Australian manufacturers are also being left in the dust for developers to import overseas produced turbines.

“Victorian-based manufacturer of wind turbines, Keppel Prince, reported in September last year that despite having the full capability to produce wind towers for projects, its factory, which has the potential to employ 150 hard-working Australians, was sitting empty.

“It’s outrageous that once again, Labor is willing to sell out Australians to meet their renewable energy ideologies and is costing Aussies jobs in manufacturing,” Ms Landry said.

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce said importing renewable energy components is posing a serious risk to Australia’s national and energy security.

“With high energy prices and global insecurity, now is the time to ensure that Australia can do what it can to keep critical manufacturing here in Australia,” Mr Boyce said.

“Labor’s rush to renewables will cause blackouts, further increase the cost-of-living and will destroy Australian manufacturing and cost Australians their job.

“Australia needs to maintain reliable baseload power,” Mr Boyce said.

“The jobs claims of green energy investors are just empty words. Most of the people working on these projects will be from interstate, they do not source much Australian made equipment and there are almost no long-term jobs from wind or solar factories,” Senator Canavan stated.

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