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Budget 2021 Secures Economic Future of Capricornia

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has welcomed the economic security the Federal Budget 2021 brings to Capricornia.

“This budget lays out a plan for tax cuts for low- and middle-income earners, more jobs, better conditions for small and medium sized business to prosper as well as major investment in roads and infrastructure for Capricornia,” Ms Landry said.

  • Around 56,700 taxpayers in Capricornia will benefit from tax relief of up to $2745 this year.
  • The Job Trainer Fund has already supported 3,190 apprentices in Capricornia and these new measures will lead to more opportunities for apprentices and trainees with expanded wage subsidies.

Ms Landry said there are also incentives to keep small and medium businesses in Capricornia, in business.

The Morrison Governments Jobkeeper payments supported 3,900 businesses and 16,100 employees in Capricornia. The Tax-free Cashflow boost has helped around 4,300 small and businesses providing $197 million in payments to help businesses in Capricornia stay afloat.

“Small and Medium sized businesses in Capricornia can rely on the Morrison Government to always have their backs, we will protect them in the tough times and support them in the good times,” Ms Landry said.

The Morrison Government also announced in Budget 2021 the continuation of tax incentives that will allow around 24,400 businesses in Capricornia to write off the full value of any eligible asset they purchase. Additionally, around 7,400 businesses in Capricornia will be able to use the extended loss carry back measure to support cash flow and confidence.

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