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Capricornia Budget Wish List

Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, is hoping for cost-of-living relief and reinvestment back into the region where wealth is produced for the nation in tonight’s Budget.

“The cost of living looms large as a pressing concern for the majority of Australians, dominating the conversations with my office. I eagerly anticipate tangible relief in tonight’s Budget to alleviate this burden for constituents. Food prices have surged by 10 percent, and electricity costs by 18 percent, exacerbating the financial strain on families. Despite electing a government under Anthony Albanese, who pledged a $275 reduction in power bills, constituents have yet to see this promise materialise.”

The regions roads are also top of the list for funding support, with roads across Capricornia deteriorating from Labor’s lack of investment into rural roads the main connecting highway.

“I am hopeful that the Labor Party will reconsider their astounding decision to postpone funding for the Beef Corridor Road. Following the visit of the Prime Minister and the Minister for Agriculture to Rockhampton for Beef 2024, I trust they have recognised the significant contribution of farmers to our economy and will provide them with the infrastructure they rightly deserve, including access to a well-maintained and secure rural road network.

“It’s not just the Beef Corridor roads that are in a state of disrepair; other minor and major road networks are also affected, such as the Bruce Highway between Rockhampton and Sarina. Recently, the Albanese Government was compelled to reverse their $229 million cut from the Bruce Highway. However, much more remains to be addressed, including the implementation of additional overtaking lanes. I remain committed to advocating for the safety of road users and will continue to lobby the Infrastructure Minister to allocate funding for road projects in Capricornia.”

Regional infrastructure funding has also taken a hit from previous Labor Budgets, with popular grant programs, like the Building Better Regions Fund, getting the cut. Ms Landry is calling on Labor to reinstate these programs to help boost regional economic growth.

“The last two Budgets delivered from Labor has seen popular regional funding programs, such as the Building Better Regions Fund, be slashed. These funding programs supported projects in rural and regional communities by creating jobs, drive economic growth and build stronger regional and remote communities into the future.

“Projects that I have successfully overseen through the BBRF encompass a range of initiatives, including the construction of Multicap Rockhampton’s new disability housing, enhancements to Rockhampton Zoo, and the installation of new lighting fixtures at Brothers Football Club and Rockhampton Tennis Club. The Labor Party must recognise the invaluable contributions that regional areas make and reintroduce funding programs tailored to fostering job creation and economic development.”

The Federal Member for Capricornia has also highlighted a project which she will be fighting for to create more jobs and diversify the region’s capabilities.

“Another project in the electorate which has enormous potential to create jobs and deliver economic growth is Rockhampton Airport’s Bay 7 expansion and long-term, the construction of a cold and dry storage facility.

“As Rookwood Weir enters its final testing phase before water allocation, the agricultural sector in our region is poised for significant expansion. With prominent farms like the macadamia farm near the weir gearing up to yield over 100 tonnes of nuts, it’s crucial to accommodate this growth. This involves not only boosting domestic flight capacity at Rockhampton airport but also acknowledging the uptick in military exercises in our area. The present moment calls for action; we must capitalize on this opportunity.

“I am committed to securing funding for this initiative to kick-start job creation and enhance the diversity of our region’s capabilities,” Ms Landry said.

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