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CQ Rallies Against Reckless Renewable

Concerned Central Queenslanders converged on Parliament House today to rally against the reckless renewable projects being established in the dozens across the region.

Federal Member for Flynn, Colin Boyce, Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry and Senator Matthew Canavan joined hundreds from across Australia at today’s rally to push back against Labor’s relentless push for 82 per cent renewable energy by 2030 which is causing industrial scale destruction to native bushland.

Michelle Landry stated that she was proud to stand alongside members of the Eungella and Netherdale communities who have travelled to Canberra to make their voices heard.

“State Labor’s pie-in-the-sky $12 billion pumped hydro scheme will flood 937 hectares of pristine rainforest wilderness. That’s a whopping 1753 football fields of pristine rainforest and the Netherdale region completely wiped off the map.

“To reach Labor’s net zero targets, a 7MW wind turbine must be erected every 18 hours and 22,000 solar panels installed every day. These figures are astonishing and a major cause for concern that Labor has not been willing to hold an inquiry on impacts renewable energy projects have on both the environment and regional communities.

“Now, more than ever, we must look to the lessons learnt by other developed nations who have learnt the lesson the hard way about investing into unreliable renewable and take stock of newer technologies that will deliver not just clean but reliable base level power,” Ms Landry said.

Colin Boyce said it’s time the wider public in Australia woke up to the realities of what is happening in respect to the whole push for renewable energy.

“Both solar and wind renewable projects will have an enormous impact on both on rural and regional Australia, especially for the agricultural industry,” Mr Boyce said.

“These projects will decimate large areas of remnant native forest. The environmental protocols that are cast upon the agriculture and mining sector simply does not apply to the renewable energy sector.

“This has been deliberately designed like this, to expediate renewable projects and to help them along as much as possible. It is a sham,” Mr Boyce said.

Senator for Queensland, Matthew Canavan, said regional communities have reason to be concerned about renewable energy projects.

“Renewables are destroying our landscapes, destroying our agricultural land and this is becoming a bigger and bigger concern for a large number of communities around the country.

“The fact that we had people travel from Central Queensland all the way down to Canberra shows how much these projects are impacting people’s lives, and how much Labor’s reckless push for these projects is destroying our land. “Labor politicians should stop lecturing people and just listen to the country people that just want to protect their local environment,” Senator Canavan stated.

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