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The Hon Michelle Landry
Federal Member for Capricornia
Assistant Minister for Children and Families
Assistant Minister for Northern Australia

Senator the Hon Matthew Canavan
Senator for Queensland
Deputy Leader of the Nationals in the Senate


The Labor and Greens alliance in the Senate have failed to pass a disallowance motion against the legislative instrument that will provide funding for the feasibility study for Australia’s first 1 GW HELE coal-fired power station in Collinsville.

Last night, the disallowance motion failed with the majority of votes in the Senate siding against the motion and in favour of allowing the legislative instrument to provide $3.3 million in funding to complete a feasibility study.

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the failure of the disallowance motion was a win for regional Queensland.

“The Labor and Greens alliance in the Senate voted against lower power costs in North Queensland, against jobs in the resources industry and against coal, but fortunately, common sense prevailed.

“The Liberal National Party are the only party putting their money where their mouth is and standing up for mining workers and the resources industry.

“Unfortunately, the former workers party of Australia have lost their way when it comes to coal and people in Collinsville will remember when the Labor party chose to cosy up to inner-city Greens instead of choosing mining jobs,” Ms Landry said.

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan said once again Labor has sided with Green activists who oppose coal, instead of working class Australians.

“The green left remain in control of the once proud Labor party and no matter how many times Joel Fitzgibbon dons a hi-vis shirt, Labor’s opposition to coal power shows that he is all shirt and no shovel.” Senator Canavan said.

“If Labor won’t support coal fired power stations here, how can you rely on them to support the export of our coal to power stations overseas?”

Shine Energy can now continue working on the feasibility study, where the proposed 1GW HELE coal-fired power station in Collinsville is expected to create 2000 jobs during construction and 600 operational jobs.

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