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Labor Can’t be Trusted to Keep Money in your Pocket

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has reminded Central Queenslanders today that Labor will always have its hand in your pocket whilst the Federal LNP Government will use tax cuts to put more money in your pocket.

Ms Landry said “The Federal Government tax cuts will put more money in the pockets of Central Queenslanders to spend at local businesses which will create economic activity and more jobs. This is real tax relief that helps small businesses to grow and employ more people in Capricornia.”

It is worth remembering Labor took $387 billion in higher taxes to the last election. It begs the question: What will Labor tax next?

The current Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers was one of the key architects of Labor’s higher taxes at the last election.

“Jim Chalmer’s is a Queenslander who is desperate to get his hand into the pockets of his fellow Queenslanders. He has learnt nothing from the last election and is again attacking hard working Australians. The fact is under the Government’s Personal Income tax plan 60 percent of all personal income tax will be paid by the highest earning 20 percent of taxpayers.” Ms Landry said

Look at what Labor do not what they say.

Ms Landry said “As your Federal Member for Capricornia I am working hard as always to bring jobs, infrastructure and opportunities to this region we love. But I am also laser focused in keeping Labor’s hands out of hard-working Central Queenslander’s pockets.”

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