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Labor Prove Beyond Doubt They Can’t be Trusted with Your Mining Job

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has called out the Labor Party for their absolute inability to guarantee Mining jobs in the future in Capricornia.

Queensland Labor Members who care more about saving inner city seats from The Greens than making sure miners have jobs have proposed yet another layer of red tape to get new projects approved.

Ms Landry says “Once again Labor have proved beyond doubt that at its heart, they despise the mining industry and want to shut it down.

Queensland Labor Members are proposing another layer of bureaucracy they are dressing up as a scientific body which would oversee planning, operation and rehabilitation of mines. This is despite Labor’s own Resources Minister saying this new scientific body would duplicate some roles that are already carried out by existing government bodies.”

Queensland Labor is dominated by the Left Faction which is in lock step with ‘The Greens’ when it comes to the mining Industry.

“The Mining and Resources Industry here in Central Queensland was instrumental in helping to save the Australian economy during Covid-19 and I will not stand by while a Labor Party here in Queensland throws an industry so important to my electorate under the bus to appease the left green leaning wing of its party.” Ms Landry said

According to News Corp papers, in the case of Queensland Labor, the policy co-ordination council , the state conference floor, the caucus and the Cabinet are dominated by the Left, meaning any motions passed at state conference have a strong chance of becoming government policy. “Labor is at war with itself on the future of the coal industry in Central Queensland. They cannot look a coal worker in the eye and guarantee his or her job into the future. I on the other hand always have and always will stand up for those who work in the coal industry in Capricornia. Your job is safe with me.” Ms Landry said 

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