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Labor’s Carbon Emission Safeguard Mechanism Will Punish Capricornia’s Mining Industry

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has condemned the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen’s announcement this week that 215 of Australia’s industrial facilities would be required to cut emissions by about 5 per cent each year to meet the Government’s 2030 emissions targets.

The hefty increase in Carbon Tax will target coal mines, gas fields, aluminium smelters, and cement plants. A new carbon trading system proposed by the Labor Government as a safeguard mechanism will see credits capped at $75 a tonne.

Under the new plan, facilities that have been underperforming and need to meet their targets will be penalised $275 for every tonne of carbon over their budget, which they may not have been able to offset through the purchase of credits.

“This is the biggest Carbon Tax that the Labor Government has introduced, and it is all in a breakneck race to meet the 2030 emissions targets. It is an unrealistic target and in fact, the Australian Labor Government is demanding the reduction of emissions at a faster rate than any other country in the world. This will only cause job loss and hurt the families that these industries support and employ.

“There is no way all these facilities will be able to reduce their carbon emissions by 5 per cent a year, and then they will be forced to purchase credits that, at $275 for every tonne over budget, is going to send businesses broke.

“Australian families are already facing challenging times, which will only add to the cost-of-living crisis. Of the 215 facilities across the country that will be affected, 27 are in Capricornia; what happens to the families that would be affected by the potential job losses? Where do these families go to find work? I am deeply concerned for the mining communities of Capricornia with the announcement of this punishing new Carbon Tax.

Heavy Industry facilities that will be affected in Capricornia are Aurizon Rail Freight Qld, Byerwen Mine, Capcoal Mine, Carborough Downs Coal Mine, Caval Ridge Mine, Clermont Coal Operations, Collinsville Mine, Coppabella Coal Mine, Daunia Mine, Drake Mine, Foxleigh Mine, Goonyella Broadmeadow Mine, Grosvenor Mine, Hail Creek Mine, Isaac Plains Coal Mine, Lake Vermont Mine, Middlemount Coal Mine, Moorvale Coal Mine, Moranbah, Moranbah North Mine, Newlands Coal Complex including Newlands Northern UG, North Goonyella Coal Mine, Parkhurst Magnesia Manufacturing Plant, Peak Downs Mine, Poitrel Mine, Saraji Mine, South Walker Creek.

“The Minister for Climate Change and Energy has shown an utter lack of consideration or thoughtfulness towards the local businesses and the workers they employ by making this announcement in Gladstone this week. A hefty Carbon Tax increase will only punish the industries that provide thousands of jobs in Central Queensland,” Ms Landry said.

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