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Landry Delivers More Funding for Rookwood Weir

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has delivered an additional $15 million of funding towards the construction of Rookwood Weir, jointly funded between the Federal and State Governments.

The additional funding will allow the weir wall to be constructed approximately 0.7 metres higher, delivering an additional 10,000 ML (megalitres) to the total water capacity of Rookwood Weir.

Ms Landry said the Queensland Government has finally seen sense and committed to spending more money on Rookwood Weir.

“I have been fighting tooth and nail to see Rookwood Weir restored to its original size since the Queensland Government decided to downgrade it in 2019. It should never have been reduced in the first place.

“While this is a small change to the total water capacity, I welcome any increase in water capacity for this important water project.”

Ms Landry said this announcement will benefit the people who rely on water to make a living.

“Today’s announcement is not about me – this announcement is for all of the graziers, landowners and farmers who stood with me during the Real Rookwood Weir Rally in September 2019 who protested against the blatant disregard the Labor Party has for regional areas.

“At the end of the day, we have a state government in Queensland that doesn’t understand regional areas and who would rather listen to bureaucrats in Brisbane instead of hardworking local farmers.

“I will still fight for Rookwood Weir to be built at the original size,” Ms Landry said. The additional $15 million of funding is jointly funded on a 50:50 basis between the Federal Government and Queensland State Government.

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