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Landry saves $14.4 million Phillips Creek funding

Hard-working Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, has successfully had the $14.4 million in funding for the Phillips Creek Bridge upgrade reinstated following the Federal Labor Government’s attempts to axe the project in their 90-day Infrastructure Review.

Earlier this year, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development announced she would be reviewing hundreds of regional projects as part of her 90-day Infrastructure Review, with the Phillips Creek Bridge funding Ms Landry secured in February last year in the line of fire.

The Federal Member for Capricornia, Ms Landry, said she fought tooth and nail to ensure the funding she secured wasn’t distributed to a project in the city.

“The wealth of our nation is created right here in the coal fields of Central Queensland, so it’s only right those in the region have safe roads. This stretch of road has taken the lives of hard working Capricornians and injured many more, which is why I secured the $14.4 million in February last year to ensure lives are saved and the road is brought up to standard. 

“I spoke to Minister King about the importance of ensuring the upgrades proceed, as well as making a formal submission to the review board. I am extremely pleased the Minister has taken on board my advice to keep funding for Phillips Creek Bridge.

“What is extremely disappointing, however, is this Federal Labor Government’s decision to play with the lives of motorists. Unfortunately, while they were debating which regional infrastructure projects they would keep and which were to be axed, lives were lost on this stretch of road. “It once again proves that Labor does not have the best interests of regional Australians at heart. Work isn’t expected to begin now until mid-2024. That’s more than two years since I announced the funding, however it’s better late than never,” Ms Landry said.

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