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Landry says “Census 2021 Needs You”

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has urged those looking for some extra work in August to sign up now for Census 2021.

It takes six years to plan a Census and the next one is August 2021 and the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ are looking for enthusiastic people to join their dynamic team.

Michelle Landry says “A Census worker plays a vital role in ensuring that everyone can access and complete the Census. The Census is so important for those in remote parts of regional Australia where internet and mail services are limited.

At its peak the census will employ over 30,000 people in a range of field and office-based roles, supporting planning and delivering a successful Census.”

The Census collects key demographic, social and economic data from all people in Australia. It provides data on important topics such as populations, rents, mortgages, incomes, religion, languages, and housing.

At its most basic the Australian Census provides an accurate account of the Australian population, at a range of geographic scales from the whole nation, to the local neighbourhood. It is a snapshot of a moment in time. The Census helps government make estimates of the required scale of such important things as health, education, and other essential services.

Ms Landry says “The Census gives us a better understanding of what resources are required in what areas. The sound operation of Government at any level would be unimaginable without the Census. These jobs are out there if you want them. I would urge those in Capricornia who would like a job on Census 2021 to immediately go to recruitment@abs.gov.au.”   

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