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Landry Welcomes Talisman Sabre to Capricornia

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has welcomed the start of Talisman Sabre in Central Queensland.

Michelle Landry said “This year’s exercise will see forces from Canada, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom take part, embedded in those of Australia and the United States.

Also, military officers from France, Germany, India and Indonesia will observe the exercises.”

Some 17,000 personnel will participate, including more than 8,000 from the Australian Defence Force.

Ms Landry said “Over the next 18 days, these 17,000 personnel will engage in multiple training scenarios. The activities will be land, sea and air based and this time around involve cyber and even space capabilities.

I particularly want to thank those who live near the training areas at Shoalwater Bay and thank you for your understanding while these essential exercises go on.”

Talisman Sabre is an opportunity to do many things: to strengthen interactiveness between participating forces.

It helps to bolster our shared ability to conduct cooperative defence activities with countries in our region and to enhance our collective combat readiness for complex operations. Ms Landry said “Australians understand the need for our defence forces to be ready and prepared for any eventuality. The Covid-19 Pandemic has obviously affected the scale of Talisman Sabre 2021, but it has not weakened the resolve to proceed with the exercise.”

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