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Landry’s Plans For Parliament 2024

Federal Parliament resumes sittings for 2024 this week and hard-working Federal Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry, is ready to continue her fight to ensure those in her electorate receive their fair share of the wealth they create for Australia.

Ms Landry said a number of topics she will be taking to Canberra include effective cost-of-living policies, regional health improvement, pushing for a pause on reckless renewable energy projects and better infrastructure.

“These issues have been raised with me numerous times by concerned locals across the electorate and I plan to take my fight, once again, to Canberra for another year.

“As was seen last week, we had an enormous win for the Rockhampton region by successfully lobbying to Labor to put funding back on the table for the Rockhampton Ring Road, Phillips Creek Bridge and further improvements for the Peak Downs Highway.

“I’m the voice for Capricornia and I will do everything I can to ensure the wealth of the nation that we produce from resources, agriculture, manufacturing and the many other industries in our region, is funnelled back into our communities.

“Cost of living is something that’s affecting everyone, whether at the check out of the grocery store or switching on a light, no one has been left unaffected. In just 18 months under a Labor Government, food has increased by 9 per cent, electricity is up by an astonishing 23 per cent and mortgage holders have been hit with 12 interest rate rises.

“Labor has broken their promise to Capricornia that it would be easy under Albanese. Their policies are proving to be ineffective at reducing the pain on the hip pocket for Australians,” Ms Landry said.

Additionally, Ms Landry will fight for the farmers and regional Australians against Labor’s reckless race to meet their 82 per cent renewables targets by 2032.

“I’ll be continuing my fight back against Labor’s relentless march to their ideologic net zero targets of 80% renewable energy by 2032.

“In Central Queensland alone, there are more than 50 solar and wind farms either currently under construction or waiting for final approval. Our countryside will be littered with these monstrosities so that those who live in the city will be happy to switch on their power because it’s renewable. “There is very little legislation to ensure that these developments are going in suitable areas. We have the time to pause and properly plan the best way forward through implementing the proper legislation needed to ensure our farmers and the environment isn’t forsaken,” Ms Landry said.

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