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Manufacturers under policy pressure in WA

Federal Member for Capricornia and Shadow Assistant Minister for Manufacturing is visiting manufacturing businesses in Western Australia this week to see first-hand how the Federal Labor Government’s manufacturing policies are poorly affecting businesses in the state.

This week, Ms Landry will visit a variety of businesses in the resource and agriculture sector. Businesses on the Shadow Assistant Minister’s itinerary include one of the world’s largest ammonia nitrate producers, Yara Pilbara, Australia’s largest co-operative, CBH Group and world-renowned PPE manufacturer, Steel Blue.

Shadow Assistant Minister Landry said the Covid pandemic proved that Australia needed to bolster its sovereign manufacturing capabilities.

“The Covid pandemic showed us that we must support our local manufacturers in our own back yard.

“It is important that the Federal Government understands what exactly is important to our manufacturers and how we can work together effectively to support the industries which keep Australia moving forward,” Ms Landry said.

Manufacturing remains a major contributor to our economy, with over $113 billion generated from the industry in 2020-21 and more than $50 billion in exports.

“Our nation produces some of the world’s best products. Under the previous Coalition Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, we saw an additional 3,300 manufacturing businesses created since 2019. Manufacturing was at its highest level since 2010 and businesses became more profitable.

“Unfortunately, this Federal Labor Government, is holding the manufacturing industry back from skyrocketing electricity prices, skill shortages at crisis levels and the Government’s proposed industrial relations overhaul predicted to exacerbate workforce shortages and create more red tape for businesses to navigate.

“I have extensively travelled my electorate and met with business owners from the manufacturing sector. One thing they have all expressed is how much their bill for energy have gone through the roof. Of particular concern is Labor’s push for renewable energy and the cost and unreliability it will bring to manufacturing their goods. I am now meeting with those from across the country to listen to how this government’s policies are severely impacting their businesses,” Ms Landry said.

Under the current government, more than 100,000 businesses will be impacted by rising energy prices increasing by more than $1,151 annually. An increase of more than 30 per cent.

Ms Landry said she will listen to what impacts rising costs and supply chain issues have had on businesses outside of her electorate and push for solid plan to support manufacturing. “Australia must not be left behind because of Labor’s policies which punish the industries that are the backbone of our nation. Our manufacturing businesses need have solid policies to support the industry which include the reduction of red tape and ensuring a reliable and affordable energy supply.,” Ms Landry said.

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